“Prime Rib Real Estate”

I like the

prime rib real estate.

Lock and key

Golden Gate.

Juicy curves that

wet the nerves.

Wanna put her

on my plate.

Can’t wait for dinner

all night she’s a winner.

Knife, fork spoon

feelin’ like a breadwinner.

Mama bring me high chair

grab the bib

crash the crib,

five-star feast

like a beast

prime rib.

Cook it up

nice and pink

no stink,

with the sauce.

Licking my lips

thick tips

like a boss.

Side of fries

to the left,


to the right,

eatin’ down the middle

so nice and tight.

Tellin’ you the truth

ain’t spitting no fib,

with a meal like that,

the girl is prime rib.


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