“Vapor Trails Breathed Deep”

Torn at the bridge between soul and spirit

the grand awakening of life began.

Vapor trails breathed deep at the

depths of creation rose to the surface

to meet their maker in the sunlight.

Thrown apart to opposite poles they

called to the wind with eerie voices

that sought their reunion once more.


“No More Breath Mints”

Don’t speak or breathe when cotton is the taste,

your tongue and lips will form a crude paste.

The stench is so bad you’ll be defaced

and your teeth will run as if they’re chased.

It makes no sense when you’ve eaten little,

no bite of burger or one sweet skittle.

No more breath mints for air so brittle,

the sole defense for the social acquittal.




“Call Me Hun One More Time…”

Destroyer of worlds and nations kneel

at my feet as I melt through steel.

Armies commanded know the deal,

none shall survive the warrior’s zeal.

Call me Atilla the mighty Hun’s ideal,

lord of the East whom the West conceal.

Feasts and spoils all brought to heel,

all that we need we kill or steal.

Belief in a god myself is surreal,

imagine my surprise from such an ordeal.

Much anger I have when they reveal,

the cashier’s words, “Enjoy your meal.”



“Splendid, Sordid, Snorkeler”

Vicious love for something sexual,

speak of the devil it’s pure intellectual!

Joined at the junction of intimate function,

massaged with a kiss will never malfunction.

Open the mail and lick the stamps,

the taste that gives the tongue the cramps.

Clockwise spins and grins called sins,

but in the end it’s both who wins,

a visit from the splendid, sordid snorkeler.