“New Photo I.D.”

Smiles and grins with threads of class?

Just snap the shot and kiss my ass.

Don’t tell me to laugh or speak of cheese,

I have half a notion to wait for please.

Pray Zeus I don’t get pulled over tonight,

Olympus allows few who riddle with delight.

So do your job and don’t be so damn uptight

when I say to you, “go fuck yourself, alright?”



“Blue Collar Blues”

Eight nine ten or twelve ticks of the clock,

to stay any longer would feel like a crock.

For your family and life hear the tick tock

of minutes dialing the codes to seal your lock.

No key can open a door that won’t knock,

the numbers all worn from writings in chalk.

Investments made for the shorting of your stock,

soaring prices for Blue Collar Blues, no great shock.