Tyrants pull the strings of self-love

but the click and shudder belongs

to the beholder of a puppet’s eye.

Watch the world fall to pieces

as the miserable misfits of society

feign their smiles and cries for

the sake of inanimate approvals.

No care given to the simple act

of thought or pure imagination,

but countless hours they dedicate

to the misguided belief of inclusion.

Irony is pure in potent times like these,

social is anti, to yourself you must keep.




Dicks with dick-shaped weapons

pointed at each other in a silly

display of hidden inadequacies.

Zero trust between insignificant

members of the same species born

from identical molecules and matter,

yet the first instincts of a troubled

evolution control their timid minds.

Withhold prayer for the human race,

for no button shall ever be pressed.