“Dinner With Lucifer”

Sharp knives and forks arranged

stabbing into the table setting as

well-mannered roaches toast to

the health of their impending meal.

Folded napkins in distorted shapes

of origami demons dance in the

ruby candlelight near the centerpiece.

Stale smells waft from the kitchen

doors bolted to the marbled floor.

With a poof of black smoke the host

appears before his seat across the

mile-long veal-varnished table.

With a curled crispy smile he speaks

with hands outstretched to summon

the main course from the ceiling.

Cole-carved chandeliers burn black

flames to the sound of crackling hogs.

Seared strips of salivary slip from the

bones of the roast and levitate to plates

spaced across the tabletop matting.

Satan scratches his horns and speaks

with words unnerved, “dinner is served.”