“Days Grow Long”

Days grow long but the time fades fast.

Gone without warning in the wind they fly.

Seconds and minutes mutating hour’s days.

Years pass like moments in a blinking eye,

held open too late when realized how much is missed.

All are blind with the final breath they breathe,

shut from the light they dive into darkness.

To take in life and give back death,

the deal is made before its agreement.

But as the days grow long, we have no choice.




“Ms. Fearsalot”

Put it in park and pull the keys,

we’re here to stay for hours if you please.

She who’s scared of the world we know,

lives beyond the doors that glow.

Shirtless skins her sons and daughters,

wrought with submission’s lies and plotters.

Fools who think her will’s satisfied,

when living her life without a guide.

So shun her cries and swallow her screams,

Ms. Fearsalot speaks till no one deems.