“Paper Cookie Cups”

Caught with the hand in the till with chips

down and out spread eagle on the tilted table.

Sweet delight licked from the lips as laughter

fills the smoke-filled room of your imagination.

Red liquor drunk from paper cookie cups spilled

on satin stain the ceiling with orange-cream smoke.

Luscious ladies in lingerie deliver the jaded June

dues in ebony envelops torn at crusty corners.

Opened with a wish the paper cookie cups

reveal the raspberry-flavored writing on the wall.



“Flesh Stickers”

Knocker nail finger stains pocket change quarter rings.

Cuddle bear pillow threads broken hair slipper scuffles.

Needle blood flesh stickers cotton mouth pretty things.

Doctor coat pointing pens flashing lens dermal sings.

Joking friend killing trends sweater scarf winter leaves.

Needle blood flesh stickers cotton mouth pretty things.

Driving yawn mowing lawns swaying tree cutting kings.

Knee bend ankle breaks laser fate highway speeds.

Needle blood flesh stickers cotton mouth pretty things.


“Bloody Harry Meats Marry”

Meats Marry’s molted skin shred in the blender

at the speed set to smoothie sunshine saturation.

Lady with the pearl necklace dangling low above

the chest she drinks the solution whole pollution.

Leaving the blades to battle with air she steps away

and tosses her britches to the vortex basin of violence.

Forgetful fanatical funnydoddle freaks to the sound

of the crushing lingerie and motions to her manmaid.

Bloody Harry muddy and scary reaches arm in cherry

and rips the pit and dips the spit to drip on vertical slit.

Fingers cut from knuckle buckle and chuckle slut suckle

dry the stumps with mumps that pumps blood and jumps.

Bloody Harry Meats Marry and reaches phantom arm

to bury the wary of greetings and meetings man and woman.



“A Minute With You”

Holding her hand in the heat of summer,

long brown hair blowing in the blue-lit breeze

like nothing I’d ever hope to discover.

Young love doomed from the beginning,

neither one knowing the spell would break.

Looking forward with the eyes of an older man,

reaching back into time with a hopeless hand

that grabbed at nothing but failed chances.

Sweet as she was to behold in the green grass,

ripped jeans stained at the thighs so tight,

nothing remains but the moment remembered,

a minute with you I’ll dare to forget or relive.