“Well-Wishing the Midnight”

Stepping into the night as the shadows come to play.

See them standing on the corners of the low lanterns,

dancing to the strings of the orchestral theatrics.

Walk to the left and right back and forth in secret,

invisible steps guided by no one in particular.

Run to the fountain of dreams that lights the path,

surrender all coin and courage to the murky water,

well-wishing the midnight into the morning away.



“Stop Snoring Dude”

I wake to the quake and shake of my brain,

the nasal timbers sawed in nauseous pain.

Five feet from freedom’s feared feelings,

whatever it takes to break these ceilings.

Sounds that tear the souls of lusty losers

rush from your mouth as the foulest abusers

of fresh air and innocent sleeping accusers.

To you means little the notion of dreams,

so what more can I say to my endless screams?

Close your mouth or else I’ll tear you at the seams!



“Banana King Thong”

Bow low and kiss the rings of Banana King Thong,

his pleasures are yours, his rights never wrong.

Praise the power of which he wields yearlong

as the choir gathers in the garden to sing his song.

War with him lasts too long, his forces far too strong

for the lords who preach to those who don’t belong.

Survive and bow low at the feet of Banana King Thong,

he who’s blessed with the immortal mighty dong.



“Automated Drug Dealer”

Pocket of credit for some coward’s fun,

down through the streets we wearily run.

By shadows hid the deed is done,

all who chase are all outrun.

Worry not for the loaded gun,

for that who we seek is only one.

Robot riddles it speaks to stun,

the score is made, the game is won.

Pleasure aplenty in the new day’s sun,

an automated drug dealer for everyone.